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Contact the Marine Net service desk by phone or email: Students will be given a e-mail address while assigned to CSC.

To support quick access to the domains, you will need to complete Cyber Training prior to arrival.

The achievements of the 4th Marine Brigade on the battlefields of Europe, as one of the two infantry brigades of the Second Division, US Army, comprised the major effort of the Marine Corps in Europe during World War I.

The 5th Regiment of Marines had landed in France with the first expedition of American troops in June 1917, and by February 1918, with the arrival of the 6th Marine Regiment and 6th Marine Machine Gun Battalion, the 4th Marine Brigade was brought up to full strength.

It will be a great place for you to connect with other families who have recruits going through boot camp with your son or daughter.

Click on the link beside your recruit's graduation date to request to join that group. We have a place to connect and share with other family members who have a recruit in Marine Corps boot camp.

To support their transition to the United States and their PME experience, each IMS will be assigned a US student sponsor.

The intent is to give you time to "read ahead" and prepare for the first few lessons as you acclimate to the Command and Staff College environment.

Be sure to save and send as a PDF document, as there are issues with email attachments between and networks. MOODLE ACCOUNT All students will need to establish a Moodle account prior to arrival to have access to the curriculum.

In order to establish a Moodle Account prior to arrival: 1.

It works best with CAC readers and is very user friendly with set-up/troubleshooting.

Apple computers and CAC readers are the number one issue every year for students and their personal devices.

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