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Once the honeymoon phase wore off, it was like 'why are we together? She was starting a good career and wanted to settle down, as is typical for someone that age, and I was in my university and party phase.If we were the same age we definitely would have worked out, but the whole experience soured me against age gaps in relationships.For elders above the age of 75 years or older, the number of women per 100 men is currently at 68 for every 100 men as compared to the 48 women for every 100 men in the 1960s. One of my close bros just started seeing someone pretty young for them, he confided in me that he was initially uncomfortable about the age gap but proceeded to now date this person. He probably feels impressive in her eyes and that makes him feel better about himself. He used my immaturity and naivete to pressure me into doing things I was not prepared for, emotionally and physically. But just judging from what you wrote and my own experience, I think hes probably a creep. I thought I was so cool dating an older guy, but with time I realized how manipulative and condescending he was.We did break up due to age gap, but that was simple incompatibility. At the time I thought I had tackled a lot of life and that I was very mature.Looking back at it all, I really wasn't and neither was he.

I'm not normally uncomfortable with peoples personal choices like this but for some reason I cant shake this. Perhaps my ex was an asshole (he was) but I have heard similar stories enough times to be aware that quite often, big age gaps like these when one person is still literally a teenager is a bad idea. Wish someone would have been upfront with me, but who knows if I would have listened.

I'm 29 now and I couldn't imagine dating a 19 year old.

We would want different things and there would be such a gap in maturity. My current partner is older than me and REALLY made me feel like shit about enjoying things that people my age were enjoying.

John and Phyllis Cook have proved it's never too late for love by getting married at 100 and 102-years-old! 🥂🎉https://t.co/USLgq6S1z P#healthyageing #agewell — ADL Smartcare (@adlsmartcare) July 5, 2019 The two had been dating for a year before they decided to get married.

On Wednesday, the two secured a marriage license and made their union official.

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I want to be there for my bro and he hasn't dated someone in a long time so he is pretty deep already. I did the same thing, though a bit of a smaller age cap. It wasn't a toxic relationship and we were actually really good with each other, but it's weird.

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