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And this is where the results to create thought based on if conditions either create valid thought, or some random non-sense people don’t accept as thought.What this means is the if conditions that create non-sense must be changed to what creates a valid four word result that is accepted as thought.If you were to wake up a PM instead of AM the conditions to do so are different.3.) Some requirements are met by the same conditions.Now for a different point, the validating of thought.

I did all this work to grasp what I need to make this AI and I think I have done that, so learning classroom style is good now.

5.) If team member A thinks the time to meet team member B has passed.

The conditions of a different team member B meeting him or her waiting for team member B mean, a different part of the loop created different requirements, making the conditions set to meet the team member B and beat them and live, false.

Here is another example to show the concept I’m explaining to you. Team member A intends to meet team member B at a certain point to defeat him or her.

Team member A thinks Team member B created certain conditions to meet a requirement.

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There is 24 hours in a day, so the conditions to wake at AM won’t work for each of those 24 hours.

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