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Obviously, this problem is occurring for many, but not all people who are upgrading.I suspect that my issue may be linked to my running an old computer (upgraded from XP to win7 to win10), which at one time was on a weird network homegroup used to share files.If you are a user having the same issue, there is no way to know if this solution will work for you.I haven't figured out a similarity among all the users posting this problem.

Reddit helped me, when forums and microsoft failed, with 2 install problems i had. Finally, maybe i expect too much, but I usually find searching for troubleshooting answers to be an incredible pain.For example when i downloaded a zip file and tried unpack it in a folder in my documents, it gave me the error code "Access Denied" (using Win RAR). Press Windows key X and click Command Prompt (Admin) Type the following command and press Enter net user Administrator /active:yes To exit Command Prompt, type Exit and press Enter or simple click X on top right of the same window. Please feel free to reply in case you face any other issues with Windows in future.10 as well)Are you finding it's just the library folders such as Downloads, Pictures, Music etc it's happening to? Regards, Niranjan Manjhifor me (glotblot), setting my group membership to Administrator did the trick.The first answers that pop up in a search are popular answers from 2 years ago that have nothing to do with current problems.Once I finally remember the time frame adjustment is under the Search Tools button, then maybe I'll find someone with the same problem.

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