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Hopefully, your answer to the question in the title of this post is an unhesitant: "Yes, of course, I would. What matters to me is who is sitting in it." Unfortunately, in my experience, most people don't seem to feel that way, unless they themselves are confined to a wheelchair.Honestly: would you openly date and marry a person confined to wheelchair?They forget that no relationship is smooth sailing as the years go by. In the long run, it doesn't matter what your physical appearance is like. Berit "Brit" Brogaard is an author of The Superhuman Mind and the author of That I would become romantically involved with someone in a wheelchair.This is not because I am concerned about family - I am 58 years old, my parents are dead and I don't have children. I am married, but my spouse is 11 years my senior in age, so, statistically, I will probably experience widowhood.History has too many examples of this to pick one that is adequate. Is it because you are only focused on what your relationship looks like to other people? Even if they cannot move their lower body, they can have erect penises and sensitive clitorises.Is it because you think wheelchair users cannot have sex? Different muscles and nerve endings are affected by different types of accidents.And veterans are, generally speaking, population wise - a physically fit group - relative to their civilian peers.They also sustain horrific injuries when they are younger and have youth on their side when recovering.

Even the logistics of travel is complex with such a disability.

How many women have to go through a few dates with pigs before they meet the perfect guy?

The comments here so far are totally buying into a limited stereotype, namely that if you are wheelchair bound, you are in poor health. There are young war veterans and others who have lost limbs etc. In fact, some of them are in far better health than MOST Americans, because MOST Americans are overweight, and almost half are grossly overweight -- namely obese.

If you had posed the question to me 30 years ago, I would have answered in the same manner.

I would choose a romantic partner who's mental and physical state was near mine to increase the odds of us aging together in similar fashion, and decreasing the odds of long term complexities in the health arena that are the reality of confinement to a wheelchair over the long term (which is a way bigger deal than this statement "it doesn't matter what your physical appearance is like".) That's a very sensible reason--one that my peers (although I am NOT several decades younger than you) had not expressed when I asked them. After a couple of dates he had a problem discerning me, his date, from a caregiver.

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