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(Gaby gave birth to a son, Erik, in July 1985, six months after Athina was born.) Two years later, when Christina learned that Gaby was expecting a second child by Roussel, she finally divorced him.

Thierry, Gaby, and the children lived in a five-bedroom villa, and Athina and her half-siblings were enrolled at a local public school.

"There's a lot of Uncle Aristo in her." This year has seen a number of high-profile splits, most notably Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, whose net worth is also reported to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

But unlike that case, and other celebrity divorces currently unspooling in the gossip columns, the battle between Athina and Doda will probably not include daily doses of damaging personal information being leaked by anonymous sources.

Athina is tough, her cousin Marilena Patronikola told us.

Gaby encouraged their interest in the environment and animals, which some say led to Athina's passion for horses.

Gaby and Thierry married in 1990, with Athina, Erik, and younger daughter Sandrine as their attendants.

The disputes became increasingly protracted until, finally, in 1999, a Swiss court took the management of Athina's fortune away from Roussel and the board members and turned it over to a Swiss auditing firm. Less than four years later the young heiress moved out of Roussel's home to live in Brussels.

She also subsequently renewed her Greek passport (which her mother had obtained for her), dropped out of school, and began preparing a legal case against her father to revoke a power-of-attorney document that he had persuaded her to sign.

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Christina's body was flown first to Athens for the funeral and then to Skorpios, the private island she had inherited from Aristotle, for a private burial ceremony.

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