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The bus would pick me up at then Sam up from the very next stop. Kurt: The first time I felt like I knew Sam was.were in the middle school same choir and in the same bus route together.Sure there has been a couple of African American movies in Hollywood, but they are mainly made for an African American audience, so they rarely make it into the mainstream scene of movies.Now when we look at music, the primary mainstream music comes from white/black artists.Image and marketability are factors into why there are so little Asian American musicians in the mainstream. The majority of Americans usually look at Asian Americans as the “model minority” or “inherently foreign”.Because Asian Americans are a more “distinct” people newly coming to America and America is still trying to think of how to look at Asians.In general, a lot of people who are doing music at a high level on You’s funny because we’re such big fans of each other.Now, of course, we know each other but at first it was so funny to meet them and go, Sam: I think the people at the airport thought we were crazy but no.was very much on the fly.

Americans do not view Asian Americans as being able to make it onto some mainstream film/music scene.

Digging deeper and further looking into the realm of indie music, we can discover more Asian American artists such as Bambu, Blue Scholars, Run River North, and Rocky Rivera, each with their own impressively large fanbase.

Part of what may contribute to the small presence is that American pop culture is used to catering to stereotypical depictions of Asians whether directly or indirectly.

We can look at the music industry like Hollywood films.

In Hollywood, the movie entertainment is mainly revolved around almost only white people.

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