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You can read his previous dispatches here and here.“The Sundance Movie:” A relationship drama, often involving families or close friends with clashing personalities, that slaps melodrama together with wry comedy using a quirky glue (because, you know, it's real life).

, from writer/director Craig Johnson, blindly retreads territory that has lead to the cynical definition of a fest-perfect film, but does so with two weapons in hand: Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig.

I don’t read what people write, so I don’t know what people are saying about that.

I don’t know, I guess I don’t really notice that I’m in a lot.

And while the plot is certainly more dramatic than anything we've seen from either Wiig or Hader, we doubt the duo will leave us without a few laughs.

Matt Patches is on the ground at the Sundance Film Festival to see as many films as possible and report back about the best independent films we'll be hearing about all year.

The former stars play twins, both on the brink of suicide (a dramatic conclusion that's becoming all too easy to reach in dramas these days); Hader’s Milo is a struggling actor recently ditched by his boyfriend; Maggie is recently married, feeling pressured by her husband Lance (Luke Wilson) to have kids, and hooking up with every man she meets.

It’s easy to buy that they’re brother and sister because the rapport is established.

’s Jesse Eisenberg) who is stuck working at the local amusement park for the summer. He’s just an incredibly nice dad—a really sweet guy.

Hader and Wiig play his bosses, an eccentric, co-dependent couple—which is kind of how they come off during this interview (minus the couple part).

Hader is relaxed and talkative and protective of Wiig, who, despite her propensity for playing loud, confident characters in unflattering costumes (see her comedy that’s more subtle.

W.: Most interviews I do, they’re like, “Oh, are you …

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