Are nat wolff and rosalina dating in real life

In the first season the second TV movie Battle of the Bands, aired on October 6, 2007. Band members Rosalina (Allie Di Meco) is 14; and Qaasim, Thomas, David, and Cooper are 12.The first season featured guest appearances by rapper Snoop Dogg, actor/comedian George Lopez, and actor-musician Keli Price. The second season started off with the third TV movie Sidekicks.After winning a prize at the Hamptons International Film Festival in 2005, Albie Hecht—who later became an executive producer of the show—was present that day and bought the film, to which became a pilot to the latter TV series and premiered in January 2007.The show stars Draper's prodigious sons, Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff, who portray famed versions of themselves.The show is based on Nat's real-life band, The Silver Boulders, which he formed in preschool with his childhood friends.Nat and Alex also self-composed, performed, and sang all of the series' music.The series is a mockumentary—a parody shot in the style of a documentary—with cameras recording the band members during their concert performances and personal lives as they encounter adolescents.The title is derived from an incident when the brothers were very young; they arose from the bathtub shouting, "We're 'the naked brothers band!

Nat's fictional female interest (Allie Di Meco) and real life friends Thomas Batuello, David Levi, and Cooper Pillot, as well as Qaasim Middleton - who had no prior acquaintance with the family - featured as the other band members, with Draper's jazz pianist husband Michael Wolff as his sons' widowed accordion-playing dad, and her niece Jesse Draper portraying the group's babysitter.

Some people think their cute and I think their cute too but I don't think they should make a show about something like this.

I mean, a show about a bunch of kids who have a bad taste in music and plays brainwashing stuff.

Meanwhile, Nat and Rosalina become a couple in the TV movie.

Guest stars include musician Joel Madden, skateboarder Tony Hawk, actor/comedian George Lopez, and drummer/composer Phil Collins. For the third season, Polly Draper directed five out of the thirteen episodes that aired.[1] In the third season, Nat is 13 and Alex is 10.

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