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However, now I am all confused and lost with the Grid View. In the code below I have shown how you can extract the new values from the textboxes inside the Grid View. Once, you got the values you just need to send them to the database. This article has provided an overview of how to use an asp: Grid View completely, and how to use Row Editing, Row Updating, Row Deleting, Row Command, Row Data Bound, Row Canceling Edit, and Pagination in a Data Grid.From this article, you will have a clear view of the Grid View data insert, delete, and update operations. Find Control("Text Box5"); Text Box k = (Text Box)Grid View1. Find Control("Text Box6"); Text Box f = (Text Box)Grid View1. On Row Data Bound by using `Find Control` will get the dropdown list and then bind it with our Data Table.Bonus : Now in edit mode we will set gridview dropdown list selected value as it displays before edit mode.

Find Control("Text Box2"); Text Box b = (Text Box)Grid View1.

on the grid, it is using the data it has in the non-updated data source, thus the "old" values appear. Find Control("Text Box1"); Text Box a = (Text Box)Grid View1.

Also, you may change Eval to Bind, as Eval is read-only while Bind works both ways. Find Control("Text Box2"); Text Box b = (Text Box)Grid View1.

Find Control("Text Box7"); Text Box g = (Text Box)Grid View1.

Instead, once you have successfully saved the changes to the database, then perform the logic of querying the database to build the data source and then re-bind the grid, like this: protected void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) { Text Box ac = (Text Box)Grid View1.

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