Auto shopping dating and marriage

The solution to this problem is for each to name the other in an advance health care directive, which allows each of you to legally make decisions if the other is incapacitated.It also allows hospitals to share information usually reserved for spouses. Your hospital or county health department can give you the form, or you can download one online.Thus, if John’s and Jane’s employers each pay for health coverage, they’re better off keeping their policies separate.If John has coverage and Jane doesn’t, they have to make a calculation: Do John’s extra taxes exceed what it would cost Jane to get a private health insurance policy?While it may not matter to your employer if you’re hitched, it does matter to the IRS.When you’re married, the IRS doesn’t tax your health benefits, nor does it tax the benefits your spouse receives under your plan.If you’re married and die without a will, your estate will eventually go to your spouse because, according to the law, your spouse is your next of kin.

If one partner has a medical emergency, absent paper to the contrary, the other has no legal right to be given information or to make decisions about care.

There is one situation in which a couple living together can enjoy the rights of marriage without getting hitched the traditional way: They can claim a common-law marriage, which is recognized by law in many states.

But if you think a common-law marriage is created simply by living together, you’re wrong.

But even without a will, the law won’t leave a surviving spouse high and dry, thanks to another piece of paper — a marriage certificate.

However, if there’s no paper, as far as the law is concerned, you’re strangers even if you’ve shared a bed for 20 years.

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This could be a great move, but be aware of potential problems.

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