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This is true even if you owe rent or your lease has ended.

The landlord cannot force you out by: If your landlord tries any of these things, call the police or local sheriff’s office.

What I want to know is - can you dip your toe in the water and have a look, just to see what it's like / the men are like - without having to put up a profile of your own?

One problem for me is that I'm kind of known in a certain field - I'm not famous but I do have a public profile and image to maintain (in my field).

As you become more confident you can add a photo and more details. If you use no photo or a photo of something other than yourself, you will not be contacted much/at all & you'll have to do the contacting ..

Good luck, Saturday is usually a busy night on there, go for it! ppl will naturally ask for photos quite quickly and you can usually send them by some form of messaging.

Sites like match & eharmony are seen more as the relationship oriented ones but there will be plenty of men very ahppy t have casual/fling encounters. Some will require a photo but you don;t have to put an actual photo of you; many ppl do not for many reasons. Someone I know did something interesting with her OLD profile pic - she was smiling but looking down, so you couldn't actually see her eyes, and wouldn't really have recognised her unless you knew her well.

You may be able to browse profiles without joining on some sites, not on others. I thought that was a clever ruse for someone who wanted a pic up (because a lot of OLDers won't respond to pic-free profiles) but didn't want to be spotted too easily by people who knew her IRL I would recommend Plenty of fish.

In order to evict someone, they must follow the law.

Tell the police that the landlord does not have a court order to evict you. If the police still refuse to help, call Utah Legal Services.

If you are told, "Sorry, that is a civil matter," don't give up.

The truth is despite fancying some action I'm also in a kind of "men are twats" place mentally so I need to wait for the dust to settle. Hi I'm pretty much the same age and was in the same position as you . I particularly liked the ones looking for friendship and see where it goes profiles .

Some say straight up they just want a casual no strings attached sex and some want a full on relationship and nothing less .

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But having ended it and preparing to have our own places, I realise I am interested - not really in a relationship or living with a man but maybe, eventually, in dating or casual flings.

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