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“Everything went perfectly fine until…” Wetzel said. A few days before the altercation, Wetzel and Chronic thought it would be OK to do an exchange at their home. Wetzel said she opened the door and said the woman forced her way inside. “I go to grab the doll to get it back to Sophie and she comes up and grabs my neck,” Chronic said. Officers found the woman and ticketed her for third degree assault and request to leave.

Until Wetzel and her mom, Kristin Chronic, said a buyer forced their way into their home. “I thought, my boyfriend will be there, neighbors will be outside .

But, this does not change the fact that bisexuals will often feel restricted by their circumstances, as well as outside pressure to deny their identity.

Her mother said it was her Christmas gift every year. They say the 64-year-old woman bought the doll and left. “Maybe 10-15 minutes later, I was sitting down eating dinner, she came back and I hid under the table,” Wetzel said.

Now that Wetzel is a high school senior, she’s outgrown the dolls and sells them on Facebook Marketplace. She said she always meets her buyers in a public place. But she changed her mind and asked for a different doll a couple days later. Chronic had come home by the time of the final visit. They said they repeatedly asked the woman to leave and she refused.

One study from the University of Notre Dame found admitting to a bisexual identity cis heavily influenced by social contexts.

To arrive at this conclusion, Notre Dame researchers analyzed data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health), which examined 5,018 women and 4,191 men in three stages of their life: ages 16, 22, and 28.

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