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He said that he got comments on his eye color about every other shift, particularly when he’s underslept—which is when the deep-ocean color stands out more, for some reason.“Blue eyes are iconic,” he declared.“We grew up in America; it’s the land of pop culture—Paul Newman, ‘Old Blue Eyes,’ all that stuff. They subconsciously think they’re supposed to like blue eyes—and who knows if they actually do, but they think they do.K., I’ll do anything you say.’ And you really see that with Jude Law.You’re ready to forgive them anything.”Stephanie Kornblum, 23, an event planner who lives in the West Village, has noticed that blue-eyed men make significantly more eye contact at bars than their brown-eyed brethren. I think the same thing that makes us like diamonds makes us like blue eyes.”Ms. Miller’s eye color had given him more breaks in life.The fact that this eye color is more common in wealthy parts of the world like Northern Europe (because it’s cloudier there) causes many women to associate it with economic success, said Helen Fisher, a Manhattan-based anthropologist. “If people think they’re more attractive, you would expect sexual selection to start working,” said Mr. “But they not only have to think that, they have to act on it. This combination is known for being one of the most sensual and glamorous looks that you can choose from.“You look at them more directly—you know you have blue eyes.It’s not like you put the ‘blue-eye beam’ on them—you just have them! Hoefler, who despite his protests seemed to be demonstrating the “blue-eye beam” quite effectively on The Observer, was wearing a white wife-beater and cargo shorts as he was ogled by a row of twittering young women sitting at the counter.

“I think just looking into them can give you a feeling that you’re melting. Because I’m smarter than that.”Amy O’Connor, deputy editor at Prevention magazine, recalled her first date with her husband, Observer food writer Bryan Miller: a picnic along the Hudson River.“He reached over to pour me a glass of wine and took off his glasses, and the sun was shining in his eyes, and they were so intensely blue—aqua, actually,” said Ms. She remembered one date when her live-in beau, a 30-year-old TV producer, caught another woman staring at him.

Their kind is easy to track in New York City, since a) this ain’t exactly a metropolis of corn-fed Scandinavians and b) so many of them were trained by their mothers from early childhood to wear blue shirts in order to accentuate their eye color.“If I wear blue, they stick out a lot more. It’s like an ace-up-your-sleeve thing.”By far the most telling characteristic of the new blue-eyed man is the almost academic response he gives when asked to describe the color of his winkers.“Green-blue-gray,” said Nat Ives, 30, a reporter for Advertising Age, at a recent party celebrating Reader’s Digest at Skylight Studios.

If I have color, if I’ve been out in the sun, you see them a lot,” said steely-blue-eyed Joshua, a 6-foot-3 real-estate associate who was wearing a black suit, slate gray dress shirt and loafers as he prowled Ninth Avenue with two cohorts. I mean, the average height is 5-foot-10, and I have five inches on the average height. You know, that’s what God wanted.” Steven Veitsman, a 28-year-old, dimple-chinned trader with clear blue orbs, was hovering outside the Hotel Gansevoort with two friends, punching numbers furiously into his cell phone. “Let’s say blue, on average.”“They’re kind of blue-green,” said the Daily News’ Ben Widdicombe, 34, recently elected New York’s hottest male gossip columnist on the Web site “They change colors depending on what I’m wearing,” said Neil Cave, 34, a lawyer reached at his midtown office.

So someone who’s innocent is going to seem less manipulative—but that doesn’t mean they can’t be.”She remembered one day early in the relationship when her ex squeezed a few drops of Visine into his clear blue eyes before heading out for the day.

“He said something to the effect of ‘I have to make sure my eyes are ready to face the world,’” she said.“Blue-eyed men can look guileless if they want to,” said Elisa De Carlo, a 44-year-old comedic actress who lives in the West Village.

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If they could dye their eyes blue, they would.”Pass the Visine It’s fitting that Mr. Newman, an actor who has been settled into a life of quiet domesticity with Joanne Woodward since 1958, and whose choice of movies and devotion to charitable work seems almost quaint by today’s narcissistic standards.

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