Boys and girls expectations when dating

I’ve been accused of being high maintenance my whole life and I’m used to it by now.

The fact is, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’m not ashamed of it — especially since my tendencies have actually come in handy when it comes to my dating life. Being high maintenance doesn’t mean I expect guys to open every door for me, throw their coats on puddles so I can walk across the street, or pay for every meal. Taking off the day’s makeup and pampering myself is therapeutic in a lot of ways and can last for up to an hour if it’s face mask night.

I like guys that are a little high maintenance too.

What can I say, I like a well-dressed man that’s not afraid to indulge in a charcoal mask from time to time.

I refuse to accept that being high maintenance somehow makes me less “dateable,” it just makes me, me.

Jessica Grace Jessica is a proud Pittsburgher that loves to drink tea and adopt cats in her spare time.

If a guy doesn’t like me for who I am, I’m not going to stick around for long.I’m a little bit high strung and I need someone that’s okay with that. I have to admit, I’m in awe of all these new dating terms that seem to pop up every day.Negging, ghosting, and back burner relationships all have one thing in common: they’re all ridiculous BS. (Ugh I hate myself) Girl’s Night (n): An evening where female friends gather to share their recent trials, tribulations, and fuckboy situations over copious amounts of alcohol-, dairy-, and carbohydrate-based goodies. THE OUTFITS Male Expectation: Victoria’s Secret called, and it wants its inventory back! When women get together in the comfort of someone’s home, we look like fucking sea creatures. Reality: Whoever said women dress to impress each other, not men, has never actually met a female.

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Luna is so late for her date with a young boy and she's not ready yet for it either.

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