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John Creamer; John was born in Massachusetts in 1759.

John’s occupation was listed as carpenter and he died April 7th, 1828. The fifth child, Mary, was born in York River in 1793.

It is believed that John Jacob Heartz was also a United Empire Loyalist.

Descendants of John Jacob lived in the Cornwall area for many generations. Myers; Jeremiah Myers – the only record of Jeremiah Myers other than the 1798 census, comes from the Younker genealogy. Conrad Younker; Conrad was born in 1773, in Hesse, Germany. The couple was married in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

They had five children all of whom were born in Scotland, the last being born in 1807.

The family therefore would have emigrated from Scotland sometime after that date.

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He married Ruth Myers, daughter of Jeremiah, born in 1782 in New York, U. Their place of residence was listed in Milton, however some of their twelve children were born at North River.

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