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The name Irian, which was originally favored by natives, is now considered to be a name imposed by the authority of Jakarta.New Guinea is an island to the north of the Australian mainland, but south of the equator.The highest peaks on the island of New Guinea are: Another major habitat feature is the vast southern and northern lowlands.Stretching for hundreds of kilometres, these include lowland rainforests, extensive wetlands, savanna grasslands, and some of the largest expanses of mangrove forest in the world.It is the world's second-largest island, after Greenland, covering a land area of 785,753 km (303,381 sq mi), and the largest wholly or partly within the Southern Hemisphere and Oceania.The eastern half of the island is the major land mass of the independent state of Papua New Guinea.

The name is one of several toponyms sharing similar etymologies, ultimately meaning "land of the blacks" or similar meanings, in reference to the dark skin of the inhabitants.

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New Guinea (Tok Pisin: Niugini; Dutch: Nieuw-Guinea; German: Neuguinea; Indonesian: Papua, historically, Irian) is a large island separated by a shallow sea (Torres Strait) from the rest of the Australian continent.

The western-half of the island of New Guinea contains the highest mountains in Oceania, rising up to 4,884 m (16,024 ft) high, which is even higher than Mont Blanc in Europe, ensuring a steady supply of rain from the equatorial atmosphere.

The tree line is around 4,000 m (13,100 ft) elevation and the tallest peaks contain permanent equatorial glaciers—which have been retreating since at least 1936.

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