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This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Bacon, I laugh to see the jolly friar Jlounted upon the devil, and how the earl Flees with hia bonny lass for fear.t As soon as Bungay is at Brazen-nose, And I have chatted with the merry friar, I will in post hie me to Fressingfield, And quite these wrongs on Lacy ere 't be long. So be it, my lord : but let us to our dinner; For ere we have taken our repast awhile. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. — Look how he droops ; his guilty conscience Drives him to "bash, and makes his hostess blush. We country sluts of merry Fressingfield Come to buy needless naughts to make us fine, And look that young men should be frank this a common term of con- tempt in our old authors. Great men of Europe, monarcha of the west, Ring'd with the walls of old Oceanus, Whose lofty surge is f like tho- battlements That compass'd high-built Babel in with towers. • m grtyj] That this "was the phrase for a homely shepherd's garb" is observed by the Rev, J. "Bacon." f Jhavedruek, &c.] Qy., " I have ttry£k him dwnb, my lord : ami, i/you pleate, ril fetch this Bungay stn Ught /row Freuingfidd, Digitized by Google FRIAR BACOK* AND FRIAR BUNGAY. Of courtesy, Mai^garefc, let ui lead the friar Unto thy father's lodge, to comfort him With hroths, to bring him from this hapless trance. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Clem, Now, jolly friar, tell us, is this the book That Burden is so careful to look on 1 Bacon. — But, Burden, tell me now, Think'st thou that Bacon's necromatic skill Cannot perform his head and wall of brass. Bacon, Well, mistress, for I will not have you miss'd, You shall to Henley to cheer up your guests 'Fore supper gin. Digitized by Google 158 FRIAR BACON AND FRIAR BUNGAY. [aside.] How different is this farmer from the rest ' Tliat erst as yet have pleaa*d my wandering sight ! Enter Ki No Hknrt thb Third, the Euperor, the Emo or Castile, Elinor, and Mctr, Or else, my lord, we were passing unkind * To leave the friar so in his distress. " This strange euent spread abroad through all the countrey, and as fame flies swift and far, so at last it came to the eares of Francesco; for he, sitting in Troynouant at an ordinarie amongst other gentlemen, heard this fortune of Isabel reported at the table for straunge newes by a gentleman of Caerbranck, who brought in Isabel for a myrrour of chastitie, and added this more, that she was married to a gentleman of a ripe witte, good parentage, and well skild in the libera U sciences, * but,' quoth he, 'an vnthrift, and one that hath not beene with his wife this sixe yeares.' At this all the table condemned him as passing vnkinde, that could wrong so vertuous a wife with absence. Resolve you,* doctors, Bacon can by books Make storming Boreas thunder from his cave. The great arch-ruler, potentate of hell, Trembles when Bacon bids him, or his fiends. What art can work, the frolic friar knows ; And therafore will I turn my magic books. I have contrived and fram'd a head of brass (I made Belcephon hammer out the stuff). Bacon, Burden, thou wrongest me in detracting thus; Bacon loves not to stuff himself with lies. He was silent and blusht, feeling the worme of his Digitized by Google ACCOUNT OF R. 17 conscience to wring him, and that with such a sharpe sting, that assoone as he got into his chamber, he fell to meditate with himselfe of the great abuses he offered his wife ; the excellence of her exteriom* perfection, her beautie, vertue, and other rare ornaments of nature presented themselues into his thoughts ; that he began not onely to be passing passionate, but deepely penitent, sorrowing as much at his former follies as his hope was to ioy in his ensuing good fortunes." Soon after this, taking farewell of his friends in Troynovant, he sets out on his journey homewards. And that by art shall read philosophy : And I will strengthen England by my skill. In this humour he fell in amongst a companie of players, who perswaded him to trie his wit in writing of comedies, tragedies, or pastorals, and if he could performe any thing worth the stage, then they would largelie reward him for his paines. Loue and fortune, ioyning in league, so fiiuoured her that according to her desire she met him. Mil€8, Nay, Master Burden, my master, ere ho hath done with you, will turn you from a doctor to a dunce, and shake you so small, that he will leave no more learning in you than is in Balaam's ass. Masters, for that learn'd Burden's skill is deep, And sore he doubts of Bacon's cabalism, I'll show you why he haunts to Henley oft : Not, doctors, for to taste the fragrant air. '* Since he hath let them passe, I greatly passe not."— Chettle's Kind-harts Irtam, n. Francesco, glad of this motion, seeing a meanes to mitigate the extremitie of his want, thought it no dishonor to make gaine of his wit or to get profite by his pen : and therefore, getting him home to his chamber, writ a comedie; which so generally pleased all the audience that happie were those actors in short time that could get any of his workes, he grewe so exquisite in that facultie. sighed, — as our early writers frequently spell the word. At which inoounter, I gesse, more for shame than loue, she blusht ; and fild her countenaimce with such repentant remorse (yet hauing her lookes full of amorous glaunces) that she seemed like Venus reconciling her se Me to frowaid Mars^ The si^t of Infida was pleasing in the eyes of Francesco, and almost as deadly as the basilisk ; ihat had hee not had about him moly as Vlisses, he had been inchaimted by the charmes of that wylie Circes : but the abuse so stu^e in hia stomack that she had profered him in his extremitie that he returned all her glaunces with a fix)wne, and so parted." Infida makes another attempt to win back Francesco to her love, by writing to him a soothing letter fu U of penitence ; but he is not to be entrapped a second time, and returns an answer showing that he understands her character and is proof against all her allurementa The courtesan, now, perceiving ** that wrought she neuer so subtillie, yet her traines were discouered, that her painted luers coi Qd not make him stoop, so had he with reason refelled his former follie ; when she perceiued (I say) that all her sweet potions were found to bee poysons, though she oouered them neuer so darkly, she fel not in dispaire with ouermuch loue, but swore in her selfe to intend him some secrete preiudice, if euer it lay in her by any meanes to procure it." Meantime " Isabel lining thus pensiue in that shee wanted the presence of her Francesco, yet for her patience and vertue grew BO famous that all Caerbranck talked of her perfections : her beautie was admired of euerie eye, her qualities applauded in euerie mans eare, that she was esteemed for a patteme of vertuous excellence throughout the whole citie. But there to spend the night in alchemy, To multiply with secret spells of art ; Thus private steals he learning from us all.

At which oath people that were iim)iu B in the cause, beleeuing the protestation of Bernardo and the deposition of the youth, presently found hir guiltie ; and then Bernardo and the rest of the burgomasters gaue iudgement, that she should presently haue some open and seuere punishment, and after be banished out of the town." She now prays aloud, calling for succour on the deity who knows her innocence ; and almost immediately after, " hee which had accused Isabel start vp as a man limaticke, and cried out vnto the people, * Thus I haue sinned, men of Caerbranck, I haue sinned : the thought of mj present periurie is a hell to my conscience ; for I haue swome falsly against the innocent, and haue consented to condemne Isabel without cause ' : and with that hee discourst at the barre how Signor Bernardo had suborned him against the gentlewoman, and how in all his life before he neuer was in her companie." Isabel, of course, is set free, while Bernardo is punished by a great fine, to be paid to her, and declared incapable of ever bearing any office in the city. yet to think That heads of brass can utter any voice, Or more, to tell of deep philosophy, This is a fable ^sop had forgot. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. With some account of his writings^ and notes: By the Rev. The Dramatic Works of Robert Greene^ to which are added his Poems. About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Library, UC Santa Cruz 2002 LONDON : URADBUBT AKO EYKSS, Pill NTEBS, Wai TCFBIABS. With som£ account of the author, and Notes : By the Rev. 20 ; ** I was belo Vd of many a gentle knight, And sude and sought with all the service dew ; Pull many a one for me deepe groand and sigh Hf*' &c. What art thou 1 Hosiess, Hostess at Henley, mistress of the Bell. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. — What, Master Burden 1 'twas but yesternight That you and I at Henley play'd at cards. When he can fetch thine hostess in such post 1 Miles. — Burden, bid her adieu ; Say farewell to your hostess 'fore she goes. Hot Uu, Master Burden, when shall we see you at Henley ! I His words are witty, quicken'd with a smile, I His courtesy gentle, smelling of the court ; Facile and debonair in all his deeds ; Proportion'd as was Paris, when, in groy,* He courted CEnou in the vale by Troy. We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. I'll warrant you, master, if Master Burden could conjure as well as you, he would have his book every night from Henley to study on at Oxford. Great lords have come and pleaded for my love : Who but the Keeper's lass of Fressingfield I And yet methinks this farmer's jolly sou Passeth the proudest that hath pleas'd mine eye. Well, if you chance to come by Fressing- field, Make but a step into the Keeper's lodge.

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