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Also, the best thing at Bar Ama isn’t on the menu - the puffy tacos. You’re going to feel like you’re at a luau, but it won’t be in any way similar to the one at Disneyland where they gave you a grass skirt to wear over your jeans.

They serve excellent rum cocktails, and a loco moco you have no excuse not to order.

Don’t call us mathematicians, but odds are you’ll both be drinking for free at some point.

Also, we promise this place isn’t as tacky as it sounds.

The food is solid (they have a giant pretzel to share), there are TVs on the wall, and there’s a crazy selection of whiskey if that’s where the night seems to be headed.

Bonus: if you need an out, just lie and tell them your friend has a UCB 101 show next door. If you both work downtown, Barcito is one of our favorite casual, non-soul-sucking options for a first date in the area.

Even once that’s over, nothing on the menu is over , and the wine list is really well-priced too.

But sometime, you want something a little more straightforward.If things are going well, there are plenty of good options close by for a post-dinner drink, like the back patio at Far Bar. The tiny space in Playa Del Rey has great beer, one of our favorite burgers in the city, and a local feel that’s what you need after a full week of the corporate crush.Every dish on the menu is under (even that ridiculously good squid ink pasta) and if things go well, the ocean is just a five-minute walk away.In reality though, you’re actually more of a speciality-roll-section kind of person.Head to Hara - a Westside sushi staple with maybe the best rolls in Los Angeles.

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