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WITH recent findings that most young people don't have the confidence to ask questions about sex, it's little wonder that they're turning to the internet for help.Now, in a new study, psychologists are saying children should be taught to analyse porn videos at school to prepare them for real-life sex. The web, of course, is an unrivalled database of information, and recent findings suggest sex education isn't sought on purely factual sites, but more than likely on sites such as Pornhub and Red Tube.It’s their job to have a good time on camera, even if they’re not.If you go away for one minute thinking that they have sex like that in real life then you need to think again.This is worrying to me as, when surveyed, men didn’t seem to think this was a problem and cited that their partner climaxed just as much as they did - if not more.

Men do love a graphic sexual sight and it’s widely known that most men respond to visual stimulation, but for most women it’s what’s in their head that counts. However, recent findings show that in real world scenarios women tend to climax once, if at all during sex and report that they orgasm far less frequently than their partners.

This is possibly the worst practice depicted in porn, not only because quite frankly it’s pretty disrespectful but, because it is so completely unhygienic and foul that if you were to do this in real life you’d be exposing your partner to all sorts of health risks.

Porn nearly always shows men climaxing and ‘shooting their load’ all over their partner’s face, bum, boobs or any other place they can easily reach. However, in real life it’s pretty unlikely someone is going to be OK with, let alone beg for you to, ejaculate on to their face.

If you remember that porn has actors, actresses, makeup artists, directors and cameramen just like any movie then you’ll see it for what it is, complete fiction.

Her previous shows have explored topics like drugs, drinking and childbirth, and she even invited the television crew along to the birth of her daughter Coco, now eight, for her BBC3 documentary “I’ve never had a less private moment,” she says.

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" Not only is foreplay fun, it’s also a key element of a mutually happy and healthy sexual experience.

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