Chinese marriage and dating customs

But in the end, marridge is about love not about money, so mainly, how much the betrothal and dowry will depend on the wealthy state of both families.It doesn't have to be a huge number as long as there is love in between.The betrothal and dowry are considered to be an important part in sealing the marriage, only by then the two are considered officially engaged.How many items and how much the “Grand Gifts” and dowry cost would generally be left to open discussion by the two families.There is a matchmaker god called Yuelao in charge of people’s marriage in Chinese legend.He unites people’s marriage by tying a red string around the ankles of the future husband and wife.When the boy’s parents identified a possible bride-to-be, they would send a matchmaker to get the girl’s parents’ opinions about this marriage.

By then the future bride and groom could finally meet their "other half” face-to-face.Yet this article will tell you the common tradition of wedding customs and rituals in China in the main clues of how Chinese find their “other half”? `If a boy's family was well-off or an official family, it was unlikely his parents would allow him to take a poor girl as his wife.The matchmaker was a common job playing a key role in setting a marriage between two families in ancient China.It is like who is going to pay for the wedding and who contributes the newlyweds more.It depends on the two families wealth and social status, usually the groom side is supposed to provide more.

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