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Rejection is the risk we take if we are seriously looking for just ONE person to commit the rest of our lives to. Bring your journal, pen and write out everything you are feeling, and let your teardrops stain the ink of your words while you write furiously and cry. You may think that previous-love was super compatible with you, but truthfully, there are many other ‘perfect-fits’. Or, you’ll just get smarter about what you want and how to go about it.

Rejection is so painful, because while you are building memories with this special love interest, it all becomes a fancy-movie-montage of happy associations inside your mind.

General dating agencies; Some of the top UK singles services based in UK but reaching all over the United Kingdom are not just for old people.

A very good selection of secular web sites for single professionals and others.

Now that this person has rejected you, you have to uproot what was becoming a flourishing organism!

You’ll just delay the process even longer, and hinder intimacy with God. On the contrary, He wants to help you overcome this pain. Do you love, value and truly know yourself in the way God sees you? Did you have to use pick-up lines when you first met them?

Search for people looking for some single Christians right now.

Are you a silver surfer, senior single or just looking to meet older single Christians in their over-forties, over fifties or sixty plus?

From those who lived in the same city, to those on the opposite ends of the world, they've met right here at Christian was one of the first UK dating agencies – it’s still Christian and run in the traditional dating agency style – you are personally matched with potential partners by the team – very inexpensive and quite effective if you want to meet new people in England Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.UK Christian dating agency service: free Christian dating service much like traditional personal ads but where you do the searching and matchmaking.Your 4-year relationship may not have progressed to engagement, and having served 10 years in the same church, the thought of pursuing another woman in the Assuming we agree that friendship is the best foundation for a relationship, trying to avoid rejection is just plain impossible, unless you don’t mind settling for a surface-level, shallow relationship where you are constantly bending your identity to suit the other person’s needs. Did you have to convince them to you from scarcity mindset, which will make the sting of rejection easier to deal with. But you’re going to get stronger and more in love with God is shaping you to be.You might be worried that your biological clock is ticking, but I’d rather marry my best friend having spent 10 years gradually falling in love than rush into something driven by fear. Go to the beach and climb to the peak of the rock cliff and cry. See it as an opportunity to fine-tune your character and identity. Gain perspective and process it in your mind, so your head wraps around new truths which will add to your arsenal to overcome potential heartbreak.

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Sign up for their free Christian singles trials ADVERTISE ON CHRISTIANADVICE. Do you have a service for older Christians in their 40’s 50’s or 60’s?

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