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Below is a link to one of them: Stephenthe telerik team I did use the code and aspx viewer.What I got wasn't enough to run correctly so it is a bit hard to figure out.When a database receives a SQL statement, it determines if the statement has already been executed and stored in memory.

For more information, type: "get-help Add-Migration -detailed".

The following section will show you how to test updating, inserting, and deleting the data.

Hi Sara, There are several free online convertors which can help you transform the logic into C# code.

Entity Framework Core/Entity Framework Service Collection Extensions.cs#L150-L151.

In the previous chapter, you learned about automated migration which automatically updates the database schema when you change domain classes. The code-based migration provides more control on the migration and allows you to configure additional things such as setting a default value of a column, configure a computed column etc.

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First of all, you must enable migrations for the project.

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