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After graduating, he considered joining the Marines but instead worked as an upholsterer and, for a time, as a gofer on TV carcommercial shoots.“I could see that it was impossible to get your ideas across, with all the people — the soundman, lighting people, producers — you had to go through,” he says.Photos: The White Stripes on Tour in 2007 Jack is playing “Top Special,” a new White Stripes track recorded a week earlier with drummer Meg White — who is sitting quietly in the back seat — for a special Japanese single.The chorus, Jack says over the din, is a phrase popular with Japanese teens: “It basically means ‘You’re my best friend.'” There is no better way to describe the White Stripes themselves. He stands at a mike set at the foot of her kit, his eyes pinned on her as he sings and thrashes his guitar.

he turns the volume up to deafening and grins proudly as howitzer-fire drumming and squeals of distorted guitar rattle the windshield.Publicly, Jack and Meg, both thirty, claim to be brother and sister, even though a Detroit newspaper blew their cover a couple of years ago, revealing them to be ex-husband and -wife (married in 1996, divorced in 2000).But on their five albums as the White Stripes, and especially onstage, there is no mistaking the truth of their relationship. “It will always be us two,” Jack says of the Stripes over lunch that day in Detroit.He speaks at high speed, his brown eyes looking directly at you like derringer barrels, and his laugh is a series of short, sharp bangs, like a string of firecrackers going off.For more than three hours, over two sessions, he goes into excited detail about, among other things, the Captain Beefheart and Gun Club records that blew his teenage mind, the album he produced for his idol Loretta Lynn (2004’s “I’ve got enough time,” Jack says cheerfully of having two groups at once.

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