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Basic design-guidelines for controlling access to the computer room were therefore devised.

By leasing space with a commercial data center provider, Federal agencies are able to shift the burden of massive amounts of CAPEX spending on retrofitting an existing Federally-managed data center facility over to the commercial operator of the data center, which is now responsible for ensuring that their facility can provide the necessary space, power, cooling, and bandwidth needed to adequately support their Federal customers.

A single mainframe required a great deal of power, and had to be cooled to avoid overheating.

Security became important – computers were expensive, and were often used for military purposes.

Agencies will be further limited by budget constraints that will prevent them from allocating significant amounts of CAPEX to retrofit existing Federal data centers to keep up with these demands.

As a result, Federal CIOs will need to make significant decisions regarding how to implement their future data center strategy within these budget constraints while also satisfying the mandates of the FDCCI and “Cloud First” initiatives.

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