Consolidating plants

Runners are stems that grow away from the mother plant and along the ground, producing suckers, which are small vertical shoots.

[Note that red raspberries produce suckers, purple and black ones don’t].

Consolidation is often used to close underperforming business locations.

Difficulty consolidating and other negative business situations may prolong the consolidation process and increase the operating costs for the company.

Business consolidations are usually the process of combining multiple business departments or two organizations (merger) into a single business operation.

Consolidations may result in a completely new entity being created, or an increase in the size of current business facilities.

You can use the suckers, as long as part of the runner is attached, as a root cutting.

Raspberries are perennials that bear fruit on 2 year branches called canes.

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Consolidating business operations may not always be the best choice for businesses looking to reduce operations and save money.

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