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Some Zimbabwean judges would join other judges from SADC countries for a training session in Victoria Falls in the first week of February.

Other Plans for the Future Labour Court The court would move into a new more spacious building once it had been renovated and customised to the court’s needs.

rule of law is the foundation of any democratic society and is essential to the cohesion of a community. In its elementary sense, the rule oflaw simply implies that no-one is above the law and that all existing laws must be respected by everyone.

Individuals, corporate entities, the Stateand all its organs are subject to the law and are all equal before the law.

New Magistrates Court Rules would be gazetted in time to come into force on 1st February 2019. Replacement of the High Court Rules of 1971 had already been extensively debated by stakeholders.

During the first half of 2019 the new rules would go to the Attorney-General’s Office to be finalised.

The following explains TMP Turnaround Capital's investment criteria. don't hesitate to contact us should you like to discuss the future success of your business.“Consolidation of the Rule of Law” There has been much talk recently about the need to strengthen the rule of law which has prompted Veritas to summarise the Chief Justice’s speech at the opening of the 2019 legal year – “Consolidation of the Rule of Law”.“It simply requires lawyers, judges and magistrates to take cognisance of the harmful effects of the scourge of corruption on the livelihoods of all Zimbabweans.If we do not coalesce around this scourge, we all stand to be doomed as a nation.” New Rules of Court Decades-old and sometimes obsolete rules of court had been reviewed and replaced under the stewardship of the Judicial Service Commission – for example, the new Labour Court Rules and Supreme Court Rules had been gazetted.

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The courts must therefore always take the lead inupholding the rule of law.

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