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If you know from the get-go what format your data should be in, it’s relatively simple to choose a number format for the entire column before entering your data.

Just select a column and choose a number format from the Number pane in the Home ribbon: However, things can become troublesome when trying to apply number formatting to an existing range of data.

This quick fix can save you from the tedium of re-entering thousands of rows of data.

When entering numerical data in Excel, it helps to format it according to the type of data it is. percentage, currency, date, or text—helps drive consistency and accuracy in displaying and working with your data.

When dealing with currency in Windows and Windows programs, such as Excel, Windows uses its default currency symbol.

We’ll show you how to access this setting in each version of Windows and then where to change this setting, as well as other currency format settings.

In Windows 7 and 10, open the Start menu and search for “currency”. When “Change the way currency is displayed” appears in the results, click on it.

Then, click the drop-down in the Number pane of the Home ribbon. If you edit the cell and press enter, the new format takes effect.

But with hundreds of rows of data, this will take forever. The number formatting of all the cells will update. What it does is take all the values from each row and then re-enters them into the cells automatically.

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