Dating a bedwetter

Oh and a mate told me he split with his girlfriend because he woke one night to find her releiving herself on his bedroom floor. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I must have led a sheltered life, before this story I hadn't heard of these things happening.

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At the end of the day, leaving another person (in a relatively short time) because they have a condition is not necessarily a bad thing to do.

If you genuinely cannot deal with it and you're honest about it then it's okay. It doesn't stop you from being friends :) Yep - I know someone who broke off her engagement because her man would regulalry get drunk and end up not wetting the bed, but doing number 2's in the corner of the bedroom!!! Honestly, if you knew you were capable of such feral behaviour, wouldn't that be enough to lilmit your booze intake and avoid such disgrace? Daile There are actually websites devoted to 'water sports'...most bed wetting and sleep walking to go to do a pee are associated with drinking too much alcohol... ..girls and boys (adults) take a piss in places other than the toilet but think they are in the toilet...until someone wakes them up!

Resisting the urge to tell him to piss off, Missy Q initially reacted with kindness, offering to help the guy sort out the issue.

But after only four weeks of dating, helping him through this problem eventually seemed too daunting a task.

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"I kept wondering whether the next time we went out for a few drinks my sheepskin underlay would be shortly enjoying another wash in the bath.

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