Dating black man advice

How would you feel if one of your daughters wanted to date a BM?

I know some are good but a lot of them have deep rooted issues with black women.

How do I talk to her and let her know about them with out bashing?

Luckily, this is what , I tried meeting women if various places: nightclubs, parks, shops, work, bars…you name it. Women either thought that I was a creep or just wanted a meaningless hook up.

I was looking for a serious “Well, this one is pretty obvious.

Dress and express yourself the way you want and if he doesn’t like something about you, then he is not worth it.

You will find yourself a man who will like you for who you are. You don’t have to force yourself and become super outgoing or loud because of your man.

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A lot of black men are very career-oriented and want someone who is not with them just for their income.”“Family is very important for black men.

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