Dating but not boyfriend and girlfriend

And that isn't to say you should start wearing sweats around him.

No, still surprise your man with a new lingerie set every now and then.

If he's the romantic type, he'll tell you he's constantly thinking about you.

Bottom line: a partner can and will deal with distance in such a way that you won't feel a growing distance (despite geography).

If he insists on calling you his partner, it's an early sign you guys could be in for the long haul.

Keep in mind that partner is short for “life partner,” and it's a word synonymous with significant other and soulmate.

Think about transitioning from boyfriend/girlfriend to partner labels?

Wondering when your boyfriend turns into your partner?

Partners are also past that boyfriend/girlfriend stage of impressing each other.

Now think about this scenario: A guy asks his boss for work off so he can pick up his girlfriend from the airport vs.

a guy asks his boss for work off so he can pick up his partner from the airport.

If he offers to pick you up from the airport, he's showing you a couple things: He also can't wait to see you first thing, he cares about you enough that he'll get up early to be the first person to see you and he cares about your safety and wants to treat you like a princess from the time you get off the plane to the time you go home together.

At some point or another, you'll have to deal with distance away from your beau, whether it's a weekend girls getaway, a long trip back home to visit your parents or a year abroad pursuing a fellowship.

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In our mid-to-late 20s, we're bound to fall into more serious relationships.

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