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I'm thankful for him to showcase his life, love, ups and downs not only for me but for my Bella Army and my Total Bellas viewers." "Happy Birthday to a man who not only makes my face smile, but my heart. "Well after that season finale," she wrote in the post's caption, adding that her and Artem's relationship is the "first thing I'll be talking about" during Wednesday's upcoming episode of Artem followed Nikki's adorable Instagram post with one of his own the following the day. The Bella twin explained that Artem would be joining her in live tweeting the episode, though that wasn't the only reason for his social media cameo.

Also, the age of consent in the state of California (where the two competed in the dance competition) is 18, and Milo doesn't turn 18 until March 2019.we’re cute dorks.” And on tonight’s show, she also says, “It’s so much fun to dance with someone who you have a connection with. We communicate not just through our steps or our movements but with our hearts too.I am developing feelings for Alan, and I didn’t see this one coming.On top of that, the 24-year-old dancer posted a ridiculously cute picture of the two smiling together., contestant Alexis Ren was asked how she felt about her pro partner Alan Bersten.

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The two admitted to having feelings for each other at one point in the competition and even shared a steamy kiss.

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