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You mentioned that you’re serious about your new girlfriend, but you didn’t say how long you’ve been dating or describe the level of your commitment.

Don’t push your son to develop a relationship with your girlfriend until the two of you are absolutely certain that you’re moving forward into a lasting commitment that is likely to result in engagement and marriage.

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You mentioned that your son didn’t care for your former girlfriend.

See if you can learn anything from that experience. Was it jealousy over sharing you with someone else? Or was it simply that your former girlfriend treated him badly or had negative character qualities?

Given his feelings, it’s only natural for him to not want you to get involved with another woman.The question of whether I would be involved in the labor was never even raised — it was simply a matter of how close I wanted to be to the action. That’s why the emerging consensus on the importance of fathers during every stage of a child’s development is worth monitoring.And for the baby’s first diaper change, the nurses dutifully passed the tarry black baton to me. Scientists are studying, on some level at least, a new phenomenon.Not everyone would guess that there’s a consistent correlation between a fatherly presence and lack of aggression across class. One wouldn’t assume that dad sticking around reduces the risk of female delinquency. “The Father Effect” is the umbrella term for the benefits of a paternal presence.These effects can be numerous when fathers actively participate in family life.

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To a man holding his baby, that may seem like a given, but the importance of dads has, until recently, been neglected.

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