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If it weren’t for them, would we still be together today?

Across the country, many debates have stirred up as to where people like me belong in the realm of sports. He imagined that, if he had a daughter, he couldn’t possibly see it as anything less than completely unfair. And I completely believe that, if his family and peers had been supportive, things would have ended in a much happier way. We met at work much earlier in the year, a toy store in our town. he was tall, proud of being a football player, and showed off. While I, a tiny pre-everything trans guy who was a significant foot shorter than him, found myself more focused on figuring out how to master our promised complimentary wrapping. Because of my gender identity, I often find myself questioning whether or not I’m even datable.

Our interests were so different, with him obsessed with video games and I dancing through phases of writing, photography, journalism, music, future-obsessing, and yoga. But I wouldn’t trade our relationship for the world.

and I found that the only time that this was so was when I played the role of his girlfriend.

In the long car ride after his parents met me, my boyfriend was left with his father. For a solid fifteen minutes, he screamed about how wrong I was and how what I was doing was ‘sexual’ and I could never change what god and science did. I still remember him crying over facetime, and that was a very dark time.

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One example takes place in Connecticut, where two transgender girls earlier this year competed in their high school female track team and won… His words, and the reality and emotion I saw on both sides of this debate, caused me to silently swear to myself that I couldn’t ever do sports. But somehow, sports slithered their slick little way into my life through A. As of 2016, only 47% of would consider dating people like me.

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