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You can personalize items like a bikini thong with a special printed message like, "Dave's Girl." Lingerie doesn't have to be sexy.If you know she likes lounging on Saturday mornings after a hard week of work, get her satin pajamas with matching slippers.Buy her an MP3 player and download some songs for her.Instead of the mushy love songs she loathes, download the music you know she enjoys, like rap and dance music.This post is divided into categories to help make your shopping experience easier and better than ever. If your babe is this young, they probably won’t notice or remember that you bought them something super practical for their first Christmas!

This means getting your hands dirty with flour and chocolate.

She will love and cherish your thoughtful gift almost as much as she loves and cherishes you.

Love does not mean heading down to your local grocery store five minutes before closing and buying a box of stale brownies.

It really is so neat, and a great way to introduce environmental awareness to that special girl in your life! Not only are they easy to create and design, these DIY children’s intelligence beads can improve logical thinking skills! SO many countless ways to use this, drawing, writing notes, using for homework… Fun girls nights always consist of painting nails, right? Groupon is our go-to guide for affordable entertainment, hands down.

This Nail Style Studio includes step-by-step instruction that walk you through 25 irresistibly stylish designs, which you can practice and perfect with the special peel-off polish! This vintage fairy tale bracelet has charms from all our favorite stories! This journal is such a nice way for moms to strengthen the bonds with their daughters!

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