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This work has included gathering highly accurate (centimetre and sub-centimetre) 3D data to monitor the eroding cliff edge using techniques such as terrestrial laser scanning and UAV/drone survey.

This will provide an accurate baseline for future monitoring and with analysis of historical documents such as aerial photographs and mapping, will reconstruct as accurately as possible erosion rates over the past 150 years.

Recent history In the early 20th century the hillfort formed part of a golf course, whilst during the Second World War a pill box, seagull trench and observation post were constructed on the northern slopes to protect nearby RAF Llandwrog – now Caernarfon Airport.

Early maps and the curve of the surviving hillfort defences suggest that it was once entirely enclosed but today the majority of the western defences have been lost to the sea following years of erosion.

Radiocarbon ages suggests the record extends back around 3,000 years and work is on-going to look at the vegetation and hydrological histories.

The recently published UK Climate Projections (UKCP2018) provides the most up-to-date assessment of how the climate of the UK may change over the 21st century.

The Bishop’s Palace, Bangor: Statement of Significance Bangor Bishop’s Palace (Bangor Town Hall) is a grade II listed building.

It was surveyed by the Royal Commission in 1949, and its condition then was only ‘fair’.

Sediment cores have been obtained from 2 locations to hopefully provide a palaeoenvironmental context for the occupation phase of the fort.

1026-49 (although a few also appear in earlier MSS).

These contained englynion, which alone are extant as a result of having been copied into the Red Book of Hergest, col.

Map of Dinas Dinlle showing cliff top positions in 1900, 1917, 19.

Most recently, erosion has been focused at the southern end of the fort where recent (February 2019) mass movement has taken place.

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It is set on a hill of glacial drift sediments (specifically a thrust-block moraine) overlooking the sea and Caernarfonshire coastal plain.

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