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These Worksheets should contain the following information: Name, home address, home phone number, cell phone, medical insurance ID number, primary-care physician phone, work address, work phone, work e-mail, home e-mail, drug allergies, blood type, and medications and schedules.Name, birth date, secret passwords, perhaps, if picking child up from school, medical-insurance ID number, pediatrician phone, food and drug allergies, blood type, medications and schedules, dentist phone, orthodontist phone, baby-sitter phone, school phone, school nurse phone, teacher’s phone, and location and time of school bus arrival and departure.Although some of Pearson’s findings can appear a little dated now that we are in the 21st century, some of his sociological reasonings may still ring true.

It’s hard to judge a book by its contents, when the cover tells a lying story. If you can stimulate both her mind & her funny bone consistently, she’s yours. She asked for a make up date & promised to make it up to me by inviting me to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner & live jazz. So, I took him to the hospital.” “Wow, I’m sad to hear that,” I responded empathetically. I didn’t know you had a son.” “I know,” she replied, “I planned to tell you the night of our first date, but then it happened, and I… Love your child, and your king will mentally ascend to his throne, make you the wife you were born to be and love you & your child as his own, with all his heart. One day, if we’re meant to be together, I will find my future wife & let her know how much she means to me. Having a wife, spoiling her with love and attention, Being goofy with her, making her laugh & smile every second I spend with her. I honestly pray I have all this before my moms gets too old to enjoy a daughter-in-law & grandchildren.

It’s important to protect your most precious asset: your children.

has come up with some simple things that you can do that will drastically reduce any uncessary risk to your children’s health and safety.

Someone whom they can call to meet their kids, or take in their mail when they’re on holiday, or who can have access to an extra set of house keys.

Emergency Plan Worksheets with information on her family can be completed and copied, and the copy given to a family member, friend, or neighbor whom she trusts.

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Don’t act interested, get her pregnant, then leave her to raise a child alone.

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