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The blades are NOT disposable, but rather need stropping and sometimes honing.Even though they declined and were eventually replaced by safety razors (thanks to King C.Gillette), and then cartridge razors, they are still being manufactured.You can find companies in Europe (mostly Solingen, Germany but also France and United Kingdom), Asia (mostly Japan), and North America. Buying anything but the best straight razors is madness. You might not want to read that and might be hoping that the cheap brands you’ve come across on Amazon or elsewhere are worth buying. When you are using a piece of steel that is supposed to last you a very long time (perhaps even forever), you want to make sure it is top quality.

If this is badly put together, the blade could slip mid-shave.I wouldn’t worry too much about the details of these right now.Straight razors are made from a process of forging, hardening (tempering), grinding, and then finishing.You can learn further down the page what the best straight razors are.You might also have heard of them called open razors or cut throat razors.

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As you can imagine, this isn’t going to end well for your face.

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