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The TRID rule does not eliminate the business purpose exemption from Regulation Z or RESPA. The purchase of an investment property), then it is exempt from Regulation Z and RESPA. For any other method of delivery, (by mail, email, overnight, etc…) the consumer is considered to have received the disclosures three business days after they are delivered or placed in the mail.

The creditor may, alternatively, rely on evidence that the consumer received the disclosures earlier than three business days.

Section 1026.17(c)(6)(ii) permits the creditor to give either one combined disclosure for both the construction financing and the permanent financing, or a separate set of disclosures for the 2 phases.

This rule is available whether the consumer is initially obligated to accept construction financing only or is obligated to accept both construction and permanent financing from the outset.

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For assistance call 1-855-373-4636 Or, visit your local Resource Center.In other words, a voluntary revised Loan Estimate would not "reset" the tolerance levels and creditors would need to look back at a prior disclosure (e.g., the original Loan Estimate) to determine whether the charged fees were within the applicable tolerance levels. If a loan secured by an investment property is primarily for a consumer purpose however (eg.Investment property transactions are covered by the TRID rule if the transaction is primarily for a consumer purpose. cash-out to pay college tuition), then the transaction is subject to Reg. Mail delivery: if any disclosures required under § 1026.19(e)(1)(i) or § 1026.19(f)(1)(i) are provided to the consumer in person, they are deemed to have received them the same day.For example, if the creditor sends the disclosures via overnight mail on Monday, and the consumer signs for receipt of the overnight delivery on Tuesday, the creditor could demonstrate that the disclosures were received on Tuesday.In many states, a consumer is entitled to a discount on loan title insurance policy when an owner’s policy will be simultaneously issued.

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