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The US is a massive country with billions of potential matches; some states are of course – more active for singles then others. It is a highly vibrant city, and one that compels many to come and make it big in their careers and their love life.

The amount of singles is mindboggling; the culture is friendly, the weather is good and the locales are pleasing to the eye.

We present all American dating sites where you also can read and submit reviews.

In this list you will find a collection of the most popular online dating sites in North America.

Florida is best known for its high rate of retirees, not single, flirty men and women.

The hot days and balmy nights make for some exciting parties though.

The same survey also found that dating platform or app usage was more popular with male internet users than among female ones.

Dating sites and apps were most popular among younger internet users - 14 percent of U. internet users aged 18 to 34 years were currently using dating sites or apps and a further 29 percent had done so previously.

Contrary to popular belief, the smaller cities also make headway in the States best singles destination poll.

I'm that person who keeps the position that all is in our hands.

I can say that I'm alone now, but happy not enough. It's difficult to describe myself and my character in few words.

Online dating is no longer seen as a last attempt for the desperate and lonely to find their soul mate.

The stigma is beginning to dissipate as an increasing amount of Americans believe that online dating is now socially acceptable - currently, almost half of U. online users have met or know someone who has met a romantic partner on a dating website or app.

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Of course, I want my lady I'm looking to meet someone who Someone who is caring and knows how to make people smile; Someone who is independent, yet open to a helping hand; Someone who takes care of herself and eats healthy most of the time.

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