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Typical in this vein is nineteenth-century agnostic Robert G.

Ingersoll, who famously branded Revelation "the insanest of all books." The traditional view holds that John the Apostle—considered to have written the Gospel of John and Epistles of John—was exiled on Patmos in the Aegean archipelago during the reign of Emperor Domitian, and wrote the Book of Revelation there.

Those in favor of a single common author of the Johannine literature point to similarities between the Gospel of John and Revelation. referring to Jesus as a lamb) and possess a high Christology, stressing Jesus' divine side as opposed to the human side stressed by the Synoptic Gospels.

In both the Gospel of John and in Revelation, Jesus is referred to as "the Word of God" ().

The occult number for Satan mentioned in Revelation, 666, is the numerical equivalent of Nero's name.

unto his servant John, is also sometimes used as a title.

Others increasingly take the view of historical criticism, that Revelation was written mainly to inspire first century Christians to resist persecution, in the expectation that Christ would be returning immediately.

Still others consider it the work inspired more by hysteria than true prophecy.

Thomas Jefferson, for example, called it "the ravings of a maniac." It remains one of the most widely known books of the Bible because of its vivid imagery and its prophecies of both doom and hope.

The book is frequently called "Revelation;" however, the title found on some of the earliest manuscripts is "The Apocalypse (or Revelation) of John," and the most common title found on later manuscripts is "The Apocalypse/Revelation of the theologian." Many people mistakenly call the book "Revelations" or "The Book of Revelations" due to the long series of apocalyptic events which unfold throughout the manuscript.

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