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Whatever the reason, drugs and alcohol alter the way our minds and bodies work.Drugs and alcohol lower inhibitions and increase the risk of engaging in unhealthy behaviors.Jim Yeargan, a former prosecutor and Atlanta-based DUI lawyer, says teens are much more likely than adults to get into an accident while driving under the influence.At the very least, the decision to drive drunk can result in an arrest for DUI.

All teens who are involved in abusive relationships are more likely to abuse prescription opioid medications.

Rather, “the risk for aggressive behavior and involvement in dating Violence are related to stressors experienced much earlier in life.” If, between preschool and middle school, a child has an alcoholic or drug addicted parent, they are much more likely to be abusive to partners in future relationships. There could be a number of reasons to explain the relationship between a parent’s addictions and a teen’s behavior.

Researchers believe that a parent’s addictions change the family dynamic and cause children to become more aggressive.

Abusing drugs and alcohol won’t just affect a teenager’s relationships. Teens may begin to choose drugs and alcohol over school, friends, sports, and family.

Substance abuse in teens is linked with poor decisions, including drunk driving.

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