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The couple has also talked about setting boundaries with their children, like a small allowance in return for chores.

In a magazine interview, Barack said the kids do chores like setting the table and rinsing the dishes.

After graduation, Michelle worked at a law firm in Chicago.

It was there that she was asked to advise a summer associate, Barack Obama.

Michelle has revealed that time, love, sacrifice and hard struggles make you stronger and that the pair is “constantly balancing each other.” One of the most important things in a relationship is to have respect for each other because a respectful marriage is a marriage with integrity.

The two of you are in a partnership together and each person needs to be able to weigh in on decisions that will affect the entire family.

The same year that Coppercliff Hospice opened, St Christopher’s Hospice opened under the leadership of Dame Cicely Saunders.

If you feel a romantic connection with a coworker, be sure to weigh all the consequences of workplace relationships before moving forward.

Your employer could possibly see it as a distraction and other employees may sense favoritism.

TODAY we look back at a popular nursing home that is well respected among residents who stayed there and their family members.

Coppercliff Nursing Home was located in Redhill Drive in Withdean.

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Their 16-year marriage has stood strong by dealing with issues that couples both in and out of the spotlight may encounter in their own lives.

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