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As Felicity doesn't want the job, Ray buys the tech shop, becoming Felicity's new de facto superior.Playing it off as a 'creative business strategy', Ray switches gears as he realizes Felicity is upset.Felicity later learns that Ray is actually billionaire inventor Ray Palmer, who is putting a bid on how to resuscitate the ailing Queen Consolidated. Ray offers Felicity a job at the company, but she refuses at first on the grounds of loyalty to Oliver.Ray comes off as a bit of a stalker, as he tracks Felicity's phone to meet her and try and convince her to take the position.

Ray also confesses that he knows her name because of her former affiliation with Queen Consolidated.

Natuma msg, nakupigia, natamani kukuimbia japo kidogo upate nguvu sikupati.. Due to her constant posts of him, netizens believed that they were more than friends.

Ruge najua huko ulipo Unaumia sana,najua unataka kuamka na kufanya kazi zako. Although she tried to hide it at first, she later confirmed it on an interview and his brother also confirmed the rumors.

At any rate, Felicity returns to QC and agrees to take the job.

Thinking she'll work as Ray's assistant in a similar capacity to when Oliver was CEO, Felicity stipulates she won't be getting coffee and is surprised to find that she has her own Executive Assistant of her own and Oliver's old office.

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