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We could see that he was sitting on the ground and there appeared to be no windows in his room.

He typed slowly and almost immediately offered to take off his clothes if I sent him some money. I had never been so directly exposed to such darkness.

To me, that shows just how much people want to use their creativity and skills for a good cause. Not only was it vital that predators not find out who or where we were, but police couldn’t know that we were essentially doing their job, and vigilante hackers could never find out that we were in possession of the identities of 1,000 child predators. We rented a space in a warehouse in an industrial part of Amsterdam and set up our research wing there.

The computers we used to interact with predators were secured with encryption and relay software and they were rerouted to have a Filipino IP address.

The “Becoming Sweetie” campaign had a lofty aim: to mobilize the world to end webcam child sex tourism.

To achieve that goal for Terre des Hommes, a children’s rights organization, the Amsterdam agency Lemz created an online sting operation designed to show how predators from all over the world are eager and willing to take advantage of kids and how it is possible to identify them. While she appeared to be a real child, she was actually a computer-generated character.

Basically, everything I had read in the article was confirmed.

Create through the creation and execution of this ambitious and groundbreaking project.The article made it clear that NGOs in the field are doing a lot to address the root causes leading vulnerable children to be forced to perform sexual acts for money, but it’s the global demand for kids behind webcams that stimulates the rise of the phenomenon.As a marketer, the model I used to understand this problem was one of supply and demand: It was clear to me that the demand-side needed to be stopped in order to stop growth of the “supply” of child victims.And as I read further, what struck me–in addition to the horrifying brutality of this kind of child abuse–was the fact that law enforcement agencies around the world are doing so little to stop the men who pay for this abuse.Most of the child victims live in developing nations, while most of the men who abuse them live in wealthy countries, including the Netherlands.

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