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eclipses, aligning with the Gods of Change -Saturn, the Node of Fate, Neptune and Pluto.Mars in fiery Leo is at odds with volatile Uranus and Mercury who is kicking up a dust storm by turning retrograde.Frame these rare eclipses not as one -off dramatic events but as catalysts for seeding the next growth step in your evolution to 2020.As shaman Chiron turns backwards in Aries, career and home are under renovation.Regards, Maxime [1] id=420151Maxime Porhel - Obeo Need training or professional services for Sirius? The aird from the first attached zip references a Viewpoint which has been moved to another plugin.The zip I attached contains an aird whose URIs to the moved Viewpoint have been corrected. 9th Paris thanks for your response, but unfortunately I am still not able to go ahead.Neutrality is not passive; it is a very present and empowered engagement with what is presenting in the Now. From Monday 8th- when both Mercury and Chiron turn backwards -all the outer threshold planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto are retrograde.

I've used either from sirius site or the one attached by Maxime Problem I'm facing is the following with both zip files: - I can expand basicfamily.ecore and basicfamily.genmodel files - I can't expand basicfamily.aird! Similarly, I get the same message concerning the variables "members" and "parents". Maxime Porhel - Obeo Need training or professional services for Sirius? Here you can browse your example model as shown in the video 7.From now you can follow the video to create your modeler based on basicfamily DSL. Le 26/11/2013 , Alexander Rettner a écrit : Hi, I'm also trying to play with this tutorial.Hi Alexander, Indeed there miss some preleminary steps before following the video tutorial that I list here : 1. Install the optional feature "Sirius Samples" which include the Ecore modeler to see a graphical representation of the metamodel as shown at the beginning of the video 3.Import the in attachement, we should get 3 projects corresponding to the DSL used in the video 4.

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