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In February 2018 the Argus was found by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) to have breached its Editors' Code of Practice with regard to a story which it had published the previous September.

IPSO found that the newspaper had behaved in a discriminatory way in its reporting of a court case by describing the plaintiff as an "amputee" in a headline and referring to his disability in the body of the article, in spite of the fact that the crime of which he was accused was "plainly irrelevant to his physical disability".

Perry Austin-Clarke was editor from 1992 to 2017, making him the paper's longest-serving editor.

The Argus Weekly occupied Argus Chambers in the Britannia House building over a century ago.

Star Island on Biscayne Bay is a good place to go stargazing (Hollywood stargazing, that is).

It is accessible via the Airport Expressway, which takes you directly towards the city centre.

Boris Johnson has now been Prime Minister for a week and it's already been a bit of a whirlwind as he travels around the country with the air of a Medieval Monarch offering gifts to all who cross his path.Simply contact our Direct Delivery department on 01274 705248.Heavily influenced by Cuban culture, it’s a world away from the city centre and a great place to have a quiet evening meal if desperate to avoid the more bustling areas of Miami.At one time it had branch offices in nine towns across the region, as well as an office in Morecambe, the Lancashire coastal resort to which many Bradfordians went to retire.At its height the paper's daily sale exceeded 130,000. Thirty-six years ago a new wing with a skin of dark glass was added to house the printing presses, and these machines can be seen through the windows from the street.

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