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Similarly, if your organization uses public folders, make sure that mailbox servers at each site are listed in the replication tab within public folder properties.They should be inherited by any child folders of the OAB public folder by default, but it's not always the case. Remember, the slower your links are between the sites, the slower replication will be between servers.Get-Mailbox Database Copy Status * | sort name | Select name,status,contentindexstate Name Status Content Index State ---- ------ ----------------- DB05\EX2016SRV1 Mounted Healthy DB05\EX2016SRV2 Healthy Failed And Suspended DB06\EX2016SRV1 Healthy Healthy DB06\EX2016SRV2 Mounted Healthy DB07\EX2016SRV1 Healthy Healthy DB07\EX2016SRV2 Mounted Healthy DB08\EX2016SRV1 Healthy Healthy DB08\EX2016SRV2 Mounted Healthy For an Exchange 2016 server that is not a member of a database availability group the failed content index can be rebuilt using the following procedure.Note that rebuilding the content index may cause high CPU utilization on the server. The content index will be crawling and rebuilding, which will take some time depending on the size of the database.This helps make sure that Outlook 2007 (and higher) clients using Web access for OAB updates point to the right location.This is located in the Exchange Management Console - OAB tab.If you have any concerns about performance impact you should perform this work at an off-peak time for your customer. In that folder (E: DB05 in this example) there will be a sub-folder with a GUID for the name, which contains the content index files. For an Exchange 2016 server that is a member of a database availability group the content index can be fixed by reseeding it from a healthy copy.

You should also make sure that the OAB references on each site's Exchange server are correct.Leaver specializes in Microsoft system migrations and Exchange Server.Leaver has also been a network administrator for the National Health Service and several large construction companies throughout the U. The process used to move an Exchange 2013 database isn't immediately obvious if you're not familiar with the new platform. Continue Reading A frustrated admin wants to know how to remount his Exchange 2010 database after discovering event ID 5003. Continue Reading One admin's Outlook Anywhere instance won't connect after an Exchange 2010 migration. A failed content index will impact Outlook on the web (OWA) users trying to search their mailbox contents, and can also cause database switchover and failover problems for you.Failed content indexes can be seen in the output of Get-Mailbox Database Copy Status.

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