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The Australian actor's girlfriends list of past time hasn't fulfilled his well-wishers' curiosity.Millions of young ladies worldwide have been die-hard fans of him since he was a model for famous Calvin Klein campaign.But he has still kept them confused about his relationship status.Along with his dating history, it has been revealed that he is serious about his latest affair. Scroll down to get inside details of his personal life.So, it won't be a surprise to know that he's dated several women.The most shocking affair he ever had was with Rod Stewart's ex, former Sports Illustrated model Rachel Hunter.They were rumored to be dating in the mid-2000s but they never really confirmed their hooked up with an American actress, Jill Marie and pursued a romantic relationship with his then-girlfriend for a year.

He hasn't let people know about his personal life, better say relationship status, which is the reason that he has been under constant scrutiny of his followers.

Sources say that he has dated eight beautiful women and most of them were actress/ model and musicians.

He was linked to Nicole Appleton in 1999, she is an English musician born in Ontario Canada. Mei Melancon, an American actress, is famous for her role in the hit film X-Men: The Last Stand.

She is a member of Britt Pop girl group After Merrin, Travis Fimmel allegedly dated Jessica Miller and Rachel hunter.

Well, it's been a longstanding question, Vikings fans are seeking an answer for.

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The former model likes to keep his personal life private and often changes the topic when asked about his upbringing and relationships.

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