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These can be used to do live sex video chat if you like, but please be careful about who you talk to on the internet; not everyone is your friend, or even of the gender that you have been led to believe ;).This adult chat site has been online for more than five years.It enters, post some asinine message with a URL or link to click on, then leaves. In the mean time, beware of that link or any website where anyone is trying to direct you to another site in any Chatropolis room.It rinses and repeats in several rooms all throughout the day and night. If you really feel the need to open a URL or click on a link to some random, spam bot generated, not approved by Chatropolis, website from a spam bot with some sketchy, ridiculously simplistic, and non-clever name then you really should get your priorities and your computer checked because eventually you're going to need it for both.

For video chat and more personal sex chat and picture exchange, you can trade contact information for apps like LINE, Whatsapp, Face Book Messenger, Skype, etc.

All of our rooms are free to use, and will always be free adult chat rooms.

This site only provides adult chat services and picture sharing by way of pasting in a URL to a photo that is already online.

I get this at the Help Desk quite a bit and you all really do need to know what's up with that so you can quickly get back to chatting again. I figure 5 URLs for starters "should" be enough as the life cycle of avatars tend to be short before "on to the next one" but I'll consider upping that limit to accommodate if necessary.

January 15, 2016 Reserving URLs is possible Did you know as a member you can reserve URLs the same way you can your screen name?

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Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th For those that are affected, I hope you have a plan B.

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